Successful Ending of the Annual May Day Labor Skills Competition 2023

In order to strengthen the cultural development of the Company, create a strong atmosphere of “business-oriented, skills-learning, ability-training and quality-improving”, and strive to cultivate a high-quality talent team in line with the high-quality development of ZGM, from April 10 to 27, the Party Committee, Trade Union and Youth League of the Company organized the labor skills competition 2023 with the theme of “post training, skills improvement, safe production, and HR development”, with 404 workers from 9 types of work, such as large trucks, electricians, electric fitters, excavators, loaders, product quality, locomotives, KCL production process, cooking, etc. gathered at the production site of the Lake District, fighting their skills, comparing their abilities, competing their working levels and highlighting their advantages.

Before the competition, heads of various departments made enthusiastic and mobilization speeches, stating that this competition was a good opportunity for the majority of workers to show their own skills and tap their own potential, and it was also a powerful starting point for the Company to accelerate the realization of corporate strategic goals and cultivate a group of high-level professional and technical talents. The Company formulated the following requirements for the competition: 1. Each participant should exhibit their levels and Zangge style with a mind of improving their own skills and glorifying Zangge; 2. The judges should organize the competition with a serious and responsible attitude to ensure that the competition is fair, just and open; 3. The relevant work leading group should be diligent and responsible and strive to provide a good competitive environment for the competitors to ensure the smooth progress of the competition.

During the competition, the competitors were assessed in respect of theoretical knowledge and skills according to different types of work. At the electrician competition site, a cable as thick as a bowl was stripped into dozens of red, yellow, green, blue and other wires by the competitors. The audience was dazzled by the calm and skillful actions of the competitors, who connected dozens of wires in just a few minutes; the welders, who wore protective covers and held welding guns, carefully spot welding at the welding site of the material, with arc light flowing, welding flowers flying, and the scattered pieces of the workpiece were combined into beautiful welding seams under their exquisite operation, winning cheers from the audience with their superb skills; at the competition site of large trucks, excavators, loaders, product quality, locomotives, KCL production technology and cooking, the competitors showed their skills, competed their ideas, styles and skills with full enthusiasm, fully demonstrating the good spirit and excellent technical skills of being good at learning, diligent in research, daring to tackle problems, and courageous against hardships, reflecting the style of the Zangge People.

This year, the Company actively practices the innovative concept, vigorously promotes the spirit of artisans, and takes the skills competition as an opportunity to stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of all employees for post skills training and cultivation through the competition, so as to cultivate and select more excellent skilled talents, and leverage the important role of highly skilled talents in the transmission, inheritance and promotion of skills.