The Company Holds the Signing Ceremony of the Master vs. Apprentice Agreement for the Onboarding of 2023 College Students

In order to accelerate the Company's talent training and promote the Company's high-quality development, the Human Resources Department recently held a signing ceremony of the Master vs. Apprentice Agreement for the onboarding of 2023 college students


At the site of the ceremony, Chen Jianguo, Head of the Human Resources Department, introduced the purpose and significance of the signing ceremony, and made a detailed and in-depth interpretation of the Master vs. Apprentice Agreement. Mr. Chen said that the master of to the Agreement is a senior employee within the Company, while the apprentice is a new employee of the Company, and the two will work closely in the future for a period of time to promote the Company to a higher level of development.

After issuing the Master vs. Apprentice Agreement, the solemn signing ceremony officially began. Zhou Jun, the master representative of the Technology Research and Development Department, warmly welcomed the young and energetic apprentices, and made the commitments that the masters would teach them by example and down to their last dime, take good care of them when they encounter difficulties, and fully fulfill their responsibilities under the Agreement. The apprentice representative Xing Chunyan said that ZGM has a highly cohesive and socially responsible staff team, the Company's Master vs. Apprentice training model has brought hope and confidence for new comers, enabling new college students to be more quickly qualified for work and adapting to the pace of work. She expressed her sincere learning attitude to the masters, earnestly accepted their guidance and supervision, and promised to make every effort to become the qualified Zangge People.

The signing ceremony also invited Wang Libing, Head of Public Utilities, who has made remarkable achievements in talent training and is experienced, to share his experience. Mr. Wang said, Master vs. Apprentice means not only the process of learning and growing for apprentices, but also the process of learning and growing again for masters. He encouraged new employees to actively participate in practical work, transform theoretical knowledge into practical work ability, and improve work efficiency and quality.


The signing ceremony once again highlights the attention of the Company on talent training. The Company has always paid attention to the development of employees, and is committed to improving the skills and quality of employees. The Master vs. Apprentice model will help new employees tap their own potential, realize their own value, and bring more talent training results for the Company.